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“A live-looping frenzy” Artrocker Mag UK

"Flowing from [...] minimal loops to stadium-scaled grandeur”  Rolling Stone Magazine

Primarily known for her genre-defying, live-looping show and her masterful use of the African kalimba, Phia is also founder and artistic director of Melbourne Indie Voices, a new breed of community choir who perform her imaginative arrangements of current indie-pop songs.

In a feverishly creative period since returning from her then-home of Berlin, Germany in 2016, Phia has created a new choir sound that stands alongside Melbourne’s famed music scene, leading her singers alongside iconic Australian artists such as Paul Kelly and Clare Bowditch, as well as releasing and touring her own music throughout Australia and Europe multiple times.

Phia is currently recording her upcoming second album (due in 2020) on which she brings together her two musical worlds - joyous choral harmonies and live looping - in a wholly imaginative and unique way. Weaving lyrical and musical honesty with the metal and wood of her thumb piano, the magical guitar work of long-time collaborator Josh Teicher (Josh The Cat) and the heart-stopping sound of a 50 piece choir, Phia creates a sound that is harmonically distinctive and rich.





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Melbourne Indie Voices is a new breed of community choir - non-traditional, frequently viral and thoroughly Australian.

Phia started MIVin February 2016 as a weekly drop-in night in her front room in Fitzroy, in order to highlight the work of contemporary songwriters in a community singing environment. MIV has now grown to over 240 regular members spread over three nights as well as hosting special one-off Sing Sessions for everyone to get involved in.

Since forming in 2016 MIV has performed live on ABC 774, showcased at Melbourne Music Week 2016, been featured on ABC News Online, and performed for over 500 people at the Melbourne Museum for White Night 2018. MIV has performed onstage with iconic Australian artists Paul Kelly, Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate), Vika and Linda Bull, Ali Barter, Georgia Fields, Clare Bowditch and Jen Cloher.

On Wednesday 21 November, Jen Cloher joined us for Sing Session at the Toff in Town during Melbourne Music Week. We rehearsed her song Strong Woman for one hour. Thanks to Jen for sharing her song, stories and presence with us.
We made a video of Courtney Barnett's feminist banger Nameless, Faceless from her last record. If you listen to the lyrics you'll see why it feels cathartic and empowering to sing this as a group.


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