SOPHIA EXINER - Portfolio of Creative Works for ED Program for Female and GNC Composers

1. Do You Ever? / Phia 2016
Alt/pop. Songwriter, arranger, vocalist, kalimba, co-producer.
Playlisted on German radio stations Flux FM (Berlin), Detektor FM (Dresden), and Funkhaus Europa (Germany)
Spot play on Triple J.
Placed on MTV TV show "Faking It".
2. Heartstrings / Phia 2016
Alt/pop. Songwriter, co-arranger, vocalist, kalimba, casio, co-producer.
Featured on Double J:  “Heartstrings' is bright, catchy as hell pop done with absolute surety from Phia. It's the sort of confidence and conviction to a sound that lands songs on big-money TV ads and establishes promising careers. Both are infinitely possible for Phia”
3. Washed Away / Phia 2017
Alt/pop. Recorded at the SoundCloud studio in Berlin, Germany.
Songwriter, arranger, vocalist, casio keyboard, moog bass, co-producer.
Featured on Rolling Stone Australia: "Flowing from [...] minimal loops to stadium-scaled grandeur”
4. Vocal arrangements of Girlie Bits by Ali Barter and Forgot Myself by Jen Cloher for Melbourne Indie Voices 2017
5. Indecision / Phia 2011
Indie/pop. Songwriter, arranger, producer, piano, vocals, horn and vocals arrangement.
Achieved spot play on Triple J.
6. Distance, / OK OK OK 2010
Composition in contemporary jazz genre. Composer, piano player, improvisation.